Secretary of the Audit Committee: Ms. Kanokwan Thongsiwarugs

Audit Committee's roles and responsibilities are:

  1. To review an annual financial statement already audited by auditors and to ensure that it meets the generally-accepted accounting principles; to consider and screen financial information together with the auditors before releasing it to the third party.
  2. To consider and select, propose for appointment, removal and determine auditors fees and met four times a year with the auditors.
  3. To review material problems and obstacles the auditor may come across while performing his duty and to settle differences between the auditor and the management.
  4. To review the appropriateness and effectiveness of the internal control system and internal audit systems are in place according to international standards.
  5. To set up a defensive work system for business units in the company to increase operation efficiency and effectiveness
  6. To review an annual internal audit plan proposed by the Internal Audit Office. To provide opinion on the consideration of performance, appointment, removal, and remuneration of the Company’s internal auditor.
  7. To promote and support the development of a financial reporting system that meets the international standards.
  8. To control company's compliance with the laws on Securities and Exchange and other legislations relating to its business.
  9. To determine fraud prevention measures and review results of a corruption inspection report.
  10. To review the accuracy and effectiveness of information technology relating to the internal control system; to offer advice for roles and regular updates.
  11. To consider the Company's information disclosure in case of connected transactions or transactions which may involve conflict of interest to ensure that all are correct, sound and carried out in a normal course of business.
  12. To prepare the Audit Committee's report to be signed by Chairman of the Committee and disclosed it in the Company's annual report.
  13. To act otherwise as required by the laws or entrusted by the Board of Directors; when performing along its scopes of work, the Audit Committee shall be empowered to order the President, Senior Executives, Heads of Department or related staff to provide their opinions, participate in meeting or submit documents deemed necessary or relevant. Term of Audit Directors: 3 years each term.

Term of Audit Directors: 3 years each term.