The Erawan Group Public Company Limited, the leading hotel operator in Thailand and the Philippines, is well aware of our vital role in the tourism industry. The company has invested, developed and managed hotels of which the operation may impact stakeholders ranging from customers to employees, government sectors, partners, suppliers, investors, creditors, communities and the society and the environment. We are realized that while we have generated the positive effects, such as contribute to the growth of the Thai economy, support community employment and development of tourist sites, we however have also caused waste and consumed energy beyond necessary.

With this in mind, we underline the importance of sustainable development and strive to apply this principle into operational process which cover economic, social and environmental aspects and adhere to corporate governance practices. We are determined to operate a business for a long term sustainable growth to enhance the benefit and values to all our stakeholders.

In this regard, we have issued the following to practice as the sustainable development policy:

  1. Fully compliance with laws and regulations in conducting business both in Thailand and the Philippines and against all form of corruptions.
  2. Business supervision on the basis of integrity, transparency and corporate governance by mainly taking into account all stakeholders.
  3. Focusing on a balance between industrial, economic, social and environmental development and all stakeholders for the business’s sustainable growth.
  4. Adherence to the principles of human rights, equality and non-discrimination.
  5. Advocating participation and awareness of all stakeholders through the sustainable development policy implemented by the company and by all hotels under the group, as well as focusing on the implementation of sustainable development practices through the entire value chain.

The Sustainable Development Policy is the accountability of our Board of Directors and Management to drive it in a constructive manner. It is also the duty of all employees in our organization to comply with the policy and integrated it as part of our day-to-day business process to achieve concrete outcomes.