Sustainability Committee

Consists of representatives of executives from various departments With the President as Chairman of the Board

With duties and responsibilities of the Sustainability Committee

  • Strategize and define policies, goals and key indicators of the organization. And sustainability budget Taking into account the views and impacts that will have on stakeholders.
  • Push operations Operate process development Provide advice and support for sustainability operations in accordance with the goals.
  • Determine important issues affecting the Company's business operations. To take care of stakeholders appropriately Towards sustainable development
  • Monitor, audit and evaluate the efficiency of sustainability operations. To improve the company's operating processes To cover economic, social and environmental dimensions.
  • Build awareness And the participation of employees and fostering corporate culture for sustainable development.
  • Establish sustainability-based operations in the KPIs of each department.

SD Working Team Responsibility

  • Study, compile and analyze work processes to integrate work processes in accordance with the corporate sustainability goals.
  • Draft goals, sustainability issues and project plans for submission to the Committee. Approve.
  • Build and encourage participation in all departments in sustainability issues.
  • Follow up on the implementation and collect information on the sustainability report. To present to the committee.

Environmental Working Team

The working team consists of representatives from various department co-working to drive environmental concerned operation with the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Set up strategies, policies, goals and important points related environment that effected to business direction and sustainability development of the organization.
  • Monitor progress, provide advice, promote, support and jointly drive environmental operations to achieve the set goals.
  • Raise awareness and promote the participation of employees in environmental responsibility as part of the work throughout the organization and in line with the same direction.
  • Gather, analyze and summarize data to produce an annual corporate sustainability report.