Environmental and natural resource management

The core of hotel business is delivering convenience to meet customer satisfaction, this requires the massive use of resources and energy and generates greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. This is the main cause of climate change and the global warming phenomenon which is a major global crisis.

The Company is well aware of the importance of environmental and natural resource management, and therefore requires affiliated hotels to strictly comply with environmental laws and regulations to reduce negative impacts on the environment both directly and indirectly. We also avoid environmentally impacting operations in communities surrounding the business. In addition, we set the policy to use resources at the maximum efficiency. We adopt 3R Reduce, Recycle, Reuse principle which is an important way to help us prolong resources for the future, besides we instill awareness for all staff to use resources responsibly. We communicate to make sure that everyone understands the policy and implementing it normally in the work process.

We, moreover, design activities to create the experience for customers to realize the crucial of the environment and energy saving, and promote the environmental related technology and innovation to maximize the benefits of society environment and all stakeholders