Planting Forests Under the Sea

The Project strives to maintain the abundance of marine resources through the creation of artificial marine habitat as part of an attempt to preserve sustainable marine ecological balance and in response to the Company's policy to participate and develop neighboring communities to the Company's business.

The activity has been held continuously since 2012 and received a good response from local fisheries groups, Baan Naklua . It is a staff volunteer to conserve the environment and also to foster relationship among employees within the Erawan Group from the Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel,Mercure Pattaya Ocean Resort Hotel and the ibis Pattaya Hotel as well as with officials from the Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Center 1 (Rayong Province) and local fisher community.


- To help preserve the abundance of marine resources by creating habitats for aquatic animals and to create a balance in the marine ecosystem to be sustainable.
- Build cooperation from employees, hotel staff in the chain. Pattaya Municipality Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Center 1 (Rayong) and Naklua Folk Fisheries Group

Performance 2012-Present

- Rich marine ecosystems resulting in an increase in the number of aquatic animals
- Generate income and additional occupation for nearby communities
- Build a good relationship between employees from the head office and hotel chains.

Supporting agencies join the activity

Coastal Marine Resources Conservation Center 1 (Rayong)
Pattaya City
Local fishery group, Naklua
Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel
Mercure Ocean Resort Pattaya Hotel
Ibis Pattaya Hotel
The Erawan Group Public Company Limited