Better Planet : Enhance eco-effiency in construction and operation
Actions to mitigate the impacts from hotel operations.

The Erawan Group Plc. has a diverse structure in managing hotels. While the environmental management policies are different, every hotel brand expressly commits to zero greenhouse gas emission by 2050 through efficient energy, water, and waste management as well as environmental-friendly procurement, which are practice guidelines for GHG emission reduction. However, to achieve this goal, investment budgets, efficiency and cost-effectiveness remain important for consideration. At present, we are conducting a study and gathering information to seek proper investment options that will enable us to achieve a goal of reducing negative impacts from our hotel operation.

In 2022, the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok was a pilot hotel to audit GHG emission by third party based on Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO)’s standards. Other hotels were in the process of gathering data to come up with more effective means to operate hotels and to audit GHG gas emission in the future.