Sustainable Strategy

Planet People Partner
Committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing resource utilization in both construction and operation. Enhancing dynamic capability for the sustainable growth Creating a network of parties sharing the same values to strengthen the sustainability value when delivering unique identity to customers.
Operational Goals
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero in 2050.
  • Streamline work processes to maximize resource utilization.
  • Waste management to reduce waste to landfill.
  • Increase the proportion of renewable energy use.
  • Upskills personnel potential to elevate work process.
  • Promoting good quality of life for employees, customers and communities.
  • Support and provide knowledge to enhance career for local communities.
  • Build alliances to increase the capacity in responding to economic, social and environmental changes.
  • Promote partners to take into account the responsibility on social, economic and environmental impact from operation.

In order for the company to last sustainably, The Erawan Group takes into account the impact either positive or negative in 3 dimensions; economy, society and environment. We therefore analyze the working processes from upstream to downstream to link and identify stakeholders in our value chain to deliver a good quality and balance in investment and development and finally growth for all parties along the way.

Value Chain


The Erawan Group Plc. values the participation of 8 groups of stakeholders, namely, (1) staff/employees, (2) customers, (3) business partners, (4) suppliers, (5) shareholders/creditors, (6) government sectors, (7) communities, and (8) the environment.

Participation is done through communication, listening to opinions and ideas received from different channels and applying stakeholders’ expectation to develop and increase corporate competency that leads to sustainability.