Welcome Guide to Thailand

The Welcome Guide to Thailand is a foreign language ,English and Chinese, teaching activity, to taxi drivers and people related to hospitality industry and tourist service, aiming to promote domestic tourism and maintain Thailand’s good image among foreign visitors. We organize the activity with the view that the taxi is the person who is the first door to welcome tourists and plays an important role in driving the tourism industry and building a good image of the country. We expect that taxis will be able to use knowledge to develop communication skill and provide better service and be aware of their role in promoting the image of the country. Since 2008 until now we had a total of 34 training sessions and 1,177 participants. The activity started with teaching English and has lately changed to teach Chinese to accommodate the increasing number of Chinese tourists.


  • To enhance foreign language communication skills mainly to taxi drivers.
  • To nurture an attitude of being a good host of taxi drivers.
  • To make aware of the importance of tourism in the country.